AGOG MUSIC REVIEW: Flavour Delivers His Sauce And ‘Flava’ Into The Album “Ijele The Traveler,” And He Has Got Something For Everybody

In the beginning (2005) was Flavour with N’bania, and Flavour has always displayed flavour in his art, relying on the High Life beat to produce a masterpiece, and a master class of character into all the album he has worked on. Over time, that character has been sealed, and sustained with awing fantastic delivery of beautiful and great songs which is the same unbend he has infused into his new Album “Ijele The Traveller,” which has got something for everybody.

Flavour’s Album Cover- Ijele The Traveler

“Ijele The Traveller,” album fits into every class, Culture, religion, genre of music , and has got something for the new school trend lovers of a trap song.

The new project is a 17 tracker Album, delivered in English, pidgin and in native Igbo language.

Flavour chooses the ‘’Virtuous Woman’’ to open the album at track- 1.  This is a simple, warmth, catchy but slow affirmative song. The melody and harmony completely acclimatise and conform to the lyrics which describes a complete woman full of strength, dignity, substance, beauty and love. As the beat began slow and gave a different feel of his usual high life, one would think that Flavour was trying to route a different direction, but towards the end of the song, the high life form of music is reintroduced. This is Flavour’s magical flavour, and he’ll always come with it in his music

At track- 2, he gets things stiffen up a bit with another slow but banging form of ‘Alkaida’ beat, and features Ghana’s biggest, fastest and most successful rapperSarkodie on it.

Trust Sark to bring his A-game rap delivery along with him. He strays things with slow uttering of his rhymes but later zoomed into what we know him for, fast paced style of rapping. There is an adventurous striking chord delivered by an acoustic guitar at the background of the song. The title of the song is “Sake of Love.”

The High-life maestro, known for his ‘’onyerima’’ signature phrase returns with Simba” at track- 7. The delivery in Simba”which is produced by Del-B is not surprising because, the beat is in a natural sphere of high life, and to produced a class of the feel good music on it is not something he struggles to do.

At this point, Flavour has got things in his direction of music. He has the creative control of what he is trying to offer, and it is good for the message he is passing across with the album.

At track- 9, he goes spiritual with a song of praise and thanksgiving to God. The high life beat is repeated.The drum kicks is still very light, and a striking chord from a guitar is used to saturate the straight high life beat with siren-like sounds. He does not only mention God as “Chimamanda,” which means literally my God will not fail , sees him mention prominent people in Nigeria, including some clergy and business men.

On “Body Calling” at track 11, Flavour switches the gear to a different genre of music. This genre is the rave of music trend at the moment and that genre is no other genre than Trap music. He makes no mistake on featuring Nigeria’s best trap singer Terry Akpala. It’s a love song that can pass for a feel good jam on a good day. Both the production from Del-B, and the lyrical expressions between flavour and Terry complete the song.

Similar to the way Flavour switched to a spiritual song with “Chimamanda” at track- 9, Flavour returns very hard with a cultural song. He is communicating a very deep Igbo culture through the song. The title of the song is Ijele. Ijele depicts a popular masquerade in Igbo land. The masquerade is a native of Enugu state. It is very popular and it comes out ones in a year, mostly in a cultural festival like the new yam festival. Anyone that wears “Ijele” masquerade must be pure without a stench.

For the song, an ‘Okpi,’ a local Igbo flute is used in introducing a very fast but out of melody, with a rhythmic gyrating beat. The sound from the flute is adventurous, and it gives a forward lead into the unknown zone. “Zoro,” the sensational igbo rapper also wades in towards the second verse of the song to deliver his rap skills into the song. This is not the first time Flavour and Zoro had teamed up to deliver a track like this. They have worked together to deliver a song titled “Oghene,”and “Ijele,”has some similarities to “Oghene.”

The message on this particular track is so deep that I had to consult the expatriate of my Igbo friend to explain the expression behind the song for me.

At the end, track 17, Flavours goes back to another spiritual song. “Most High,’’ is the song. This time, he wasn’t just singing praises to God, rather he thanked God with the song.

As usual, Flavour did not disappoint, he did not only pour his talent through the album, he also poured in all the sauce of his flavour into the album.

This Album is a complete work of art. It conveys a message that could relate to different class of people, communicating religion, culture and a new genre of music. Both the old and the young can have a piece of it and be satisfied.




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3-Worth Checking Out


3-smoking Hot








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