AGOG MIXTAPE REVIEW: Wizkid goes global with the Caribbean sound as he drops “sounds from the other side”

AGOG MIXTAPE REVIEW: Wizkid goes global with the Caribbean sound as he drops “sounds from the other side”

And the people asked their Oracle; who do we send to take our music from Africa to the world? the Oracle answered them saying, ‘send Ayodeji-Wizkid the son of Balogun, he will be the one to fulfill your music dreams and desires’.

WIZKID (from Instagram)

Mixtape – Sounds from the other side

Artist – Wizkid

Record label – Sony /RCA Records

Guest – Drake, Chris Brown, Major Lazer, TY dollar $ign, Bucie, and Trey Songs

Duration 39 minutes

Wizkid, from OjuoelegbaLagos, Nigeria has fulfilled that dream of the whole continent. He has successfully taken Africa to the world with his latest mixtape, “sounds from the other side”. This work of art is totally dominated with the Caribbean sound, although, StarBoy made some good music with other genre, but the influence of the island sound takes the lead as he has now gone global with this mixtape.

 “Sounds from the other side” is coming off his deal with Sony Music Entertainment and RCA Records. The deal has not only given him the platform to rise globally as a music artist, but, it also furnishes him with recording, marketing, promotional and distribution resources for the project.

‘Sweet Love’ takes the position of song number-1. The song represent Afro music. I make bold to say that because of the afro element contained in the song which is the reason why it was chosen as song number one for the mixtape. Afro Music is the truth, that is the genre that gave Wizkid the wings to fly, before other genres’ were ever sampled.

As usual, the afro sound is controlled by the infectious rhythm and simple drum kicks spiced with the enigmatic sound coming out of the sacks-trumpet. The sound also has it music description and forward from the baseline of the base guitar, which is the dominant string instrument.

At song number-8 which is ‘sexy’, Wizzy reintroduce afro beat to compliment ‘sweet Love’. There is something really catchy about this song, …..when you see a woman, you wake up in the morning, make you tell am, you love am, you wanna kiss am, you need am, tell am all the nice nice things….Those words gives the feel like Fela the father of Afro beat music genre was on it. It is as though Fela came back through Wizkid and it really nice to hear Wizkid sound like him.

The great relationship between Wizkid and TY Dollar $ign pays off in track number-6 One for me and track-11 ‘Dirty Wine’ respectively. Both sounds are influenced that could be traced to the Caribbean root.

‘Come Cose’ ft. Drake at number-2, Naughty Ride ft. Major Lazer at number-3. African Bad girl ft. Chris Brown at number-4 and ‘Daddy Yo’ at 5 are all island sounds.

Wizkid and Drake (from

‘Picture Perfect’ and ‘Nobody’ at track-7 and 8 are related to the rest of the Caribbean influenced songs. It is worthy to note that ‘Nobody’ is an emotional song, with a slow Raggae dance hall beat.

All for love ft. Bucie is the twist of this mixtape. There is a fusion of House music, RnB, Hip-Hop, Raggae and African rhythm delivered in duet format and style. The beauty is in the swiftness of the beat and the knitting of both Bucie and Wizkid’s tenor voices to produce a masterpiece of a song. It’s a prove that Wizkid is versatile, and can sample other genres and still come out clean with something nice to music lovers.

At number-12 which is ‘Gbese’, StarBoy wrapped things up with Trey song. The song produced by Del-B is the basic sound in the mixtape which is the island sound. Trey song hasn’t disappointed, as he focuses on using his scintillating voice to drop sultry lyrics to the songs. ‘Gbese’ is a song to look out for in this project.

If you are looking for the kind of music that will teach you morals, holds your consciousness sway and passes you a message of inspiration, look elsewhere, “Sounds from the other side” has refused to filled that vacuum. The mixtape remonstrate Wizkid’s love for the ladies. This is the message the record upholds.

In conclusion, this review will not be complete without our cover story; there was a great indignation in motherland, the people were mortified, so they sought after their Black gods to help them bring peace, and the deity through his oracle told them, it is only music that can clean the land, export the culture and bring back pride to motherland.

And the people ask their oracle; who do we send to take our music from Africa to the world so we can have peace? And the oracle answered them and said, send Ayodeji-Wizkid the son of Ibrahim Balogun, he will be the one to fulfill your music dreams and desires.

Wizkid has fulfilled the dream of the motherland with “Sounds from the other side”, he rode on the wings of afro music and finally landed with the Caribbean sound to become a global music artist and icon.



Watch the official video of Come Closer Wizkid ft. Drake

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