Age Long Belief That ‘Calabar’ Women Are Promiscuous Is False

Age Long Belief That ‘Calabar’ Women Are Promiscuous Is False

Age Long Belief That ‘Calabar’ Women Are Promiscuous Is False

For years now, there has been a generational belief widely adopted and touted as being true about the young women from Cross River and Akwa Ibom State in general.  You Might wonder why the generalization of Akwa Ibom and Calabar women. This is because some persons from igbo land, yoruba and some part of the North still have a wrong misguided misconception, stating that indigenes from Akwa Ibom are all from Calabar and vice versa. Most of the persons who say this seem to be ignorant about the history of Nigeria.

This has become a long-age belief and has been a controversial discourse in various platforms.

I would make bold to say that this age-long old belief is just an allegation, rumour, call it whatever. I mean, what research was carried out to come out with a strong point, fact and evidence that this is true.

This belief has been one of the most embarrassing assertions to ever surface in this part of the world.

From my far and wide experience of traveling to some interesting destinations in Nigeria and some west African Countries, I would say that women generally are given the ‘sex object’ tag. This is rather a global problem not worthy enough to be narrowed down to the ‘Calabar’ women.

We should rather raise our eye brow against this pass-down mentality of Calabar ladies being hyped as sex machines. Again, what is the validated substantiation saying that women from Calabar, Cross River State and Akwa Ibom are promiscuous?

Nobody can ever come out to prove this allegation. All around the world, there are lots of women who love sex and they display their sexual escapades without being questioned. This raises an argument as regards why this long age belief that should hold water. Why give Calabar women this tag?

ON STEREOTYPE                                        

As part of my quest to gather different views about this piece, most persons were of the opinion that the belief is a clear instance of stereotyping of the Cross River and Akwa Ibom Women. In all fairness, I was left with no iota of doubt but to affirm this fact. Truth is, stereotyping is bad and it gives a bad perception of opinion about someone.

Reacting to the subject matter, Idy Mos, an Akwa Ibomite said,’’An average calabar woman is born and trained to be industrious. She grows up with the mind-set of becoming great and achieving her family oriented goals. This is seen in her culinary skills, career and home care. When she meets a man she loves, she experiences the outburst of all her nature and emotions on him. Lo and behold, her display of emotions are misunderstood, blown out of proportion and termed promiscuous.’’

BAD IMAGE                                                   

Responding to question about the image problem that this belief has caused, Chima Precious, an indigene of Ebonyi State said, ‘’Truth is that stereotype has its way of winning public opinion and prospection. I won’t entirely say it has given them bad image, but it’s a bad stigma to the young girls’’.  And this has been circulating from ages past. Permit me to say that having such mind-set about the calabar women is uncalled for.

We should all come to terms with the fact that the alleged age long belief about the beautiful ladies from either Akwa Ibom or Cross River State is a fat lie.




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