5 Things Wizkid Did To Become A Global Artiste

 5 Things Wizkid Did To Become A Global Artiste


Wizkid (from Instagram)

Wizkid has finally launched his sophomore mixtape “Sounds from the other side” (SFTOS). The mixtape which is made up of 12 records is a timeliness compilation that has got big features with artistes such as, Drake, Chris Brown TY Dollar $ign and the rest of the big music acts, which has completely solidify his place as a global artiste.

The mixtape is coming off his deal with Sony Entertainment and RCA Records who has also furnished StarBoy with recording,  marketing, promotional and distribution resources.

For a boy who started the journey of his music career at age 11 when he managed to release a collaborative album with the “Glorious Five”, a group he and his friends formed and later progressed to sign a record deal with Empire Mate Entertainment(E.M.E) in 2009, dropped two major album with them, “Superstar” and “Ayo (Joy)”, broke up with E.M.E  to pursue his career headlong, got signed to RCA Records in September 2016 and has now released a record that has sealed his place as a global artiste.

The following are the 5 things he did to attain the height of a global artiste

  1. Stayed True to his root: Right from his first album with E.M.E which was ‘Superstar’ to “Ayo ( Joy)”, Starboy had one genre which was Afro music, Although “Sounds from the side” is heavily influenced by the caribbean sound, up until now, he maintained the status quo of his sound with Afro beat. The world will come to you if you can express yourself first in your own language and culture, not with the western culture. Wizkid was and will always be remembered as one of the Nigerian artistes who pushed the Afro music to the global level.
  2. Had artist/producer chemistry: Whether he was working with Samklef, Mastercraft, Legendury Beatz, Del B MaleekBerry, to the rest of the producers he had worked with, he enjoyed good chemistry with them. As a matter of fact, there were times he had to travel around with producers who could cook beats for him any time he was ready to record.
  3.  Hard working: The music industry commentators will always have this one thing to say about the“Come Closer” singer; he works very hard. He is ready to work any time, any day and any moment. When he is not satisfied with a beat or production, he will call it off and ask for another record.
  4.  Consistency : I often define consistency as ‘a mountain that faces the rain, the storm and the wind and yet remains a mountain’. Starboy, in the pursuit of his career had one thing in his pocket, consistency. There have been no time for break for the boy. from the moment the rains of stardom fell on him,  he kept on churning out records on records, not only records, with good contents. Whether he was in Lagos, London or Los Angeles, he kept doing his calling which was music.
  5.  He built good relationships with other artiste: One thing Wizkid is good at is to recognize relationship. He just knows how to oil and grease friendship to his favour. Not like others were not benefiting from him, but he knew when to jump on a springboard of every good relationship and when to tip-toe his career with it to the next level. For example, the story of ‘Come Closer’ begun with Skepta playing Ojuoelegba to Drake, and Drake jumping on it for a remix, and the further arrangement to make “Come Closer.” If he had a bad blood friendship with Skepta, he would never had played Ojuoelegba to Drake…

These are the 5 few things I consider Starboy did that shot him from being a boy in the street of Lagos, perambulating around the street of Surulere with a dream of becoming a music star, looking for where to record and now here in 2017 with a global mixtape “Sounds from the other side”. The simple confirmation from Drake’s famous line “started from the bottom now we here”.

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