5 Safety Steps To Take During Flood Crisis

5 Safety Steps To Take During Flood Crisis

White-man Paddling his canoe in flood water Victoria Island, Lagos

News making the rounds has it that some parts of the country are experiencing flood due to continuous torrential down pour of rain.

State like Lagos has felt the worse hit of the flood crisis as the heavens over it has refused to stop dropping rain water for days now.

In view of this, below are the 5 quick safety steps to take during flood.

  • If floodwater has flooded your apartment, quickly disconnect the main fuse connecting electricity into your house, and move up to the upper floor immediately.
  • If possible, move the essential equipment up with you.
  • Never try to walk through moving water. As low as 5 inches (15 centimetres) of moving water can make you fall.
  • If you have to walk in water, whenever and wherever possible, have a walk through where the water is not moving. Use a walking stick to check the firmness of the ground in front of you.
  • Never drive into flooded areas. If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground If you can do that safely.





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