Signature Tunes That Can Be Traced With 5 Nigerian Musicians

Signature Tunes That Can Be Traced With 5 Nigerian Musicians

In the Nigerian music scene, there are vital things that musicians incorporate in their songs to give their brand an identity. It could be their genre, sound, lyrics, style and signature tune.  One of the key things that contribute to the fan base growth of a popular music star is his signature tune. Signature tune plays a key role in making music fans easily relates with their favourite music star.
Signature tunes can also be referred to as slogans for musicians, as it relates literally with the personality of an artiste. It is usually heard when a songs pops up or begins.
Sometimes, musicians will deliberately use their ‘ST’ when being featured in a song to help listeners get familiar with the voice.
Overtime, most popular musicians who are aware of the importance of signature tunes to their career have created one for themselves which has helped in pushing their brand.

In any pup, club or social gathering that you may find yourself in Africa, once the DJ Slams any of Mr Eazi’s songs, first thing that comes into mind would be Zagadat. This phrase has been spreading like a wild fire over two years now. Needless to say that Zagadat belongs to Mr. Eazi, because worldwide it is known as Eazi’s trademark. Music fans in Africa and the world at large can easily relate with zagadat as Eazi’s signature tune. It has helped to sale his brand and further grows his fan base.

At the mention of ‘OBO-BADDEST’, you can easily connect that with the ‘Omo Baba Olowo’. Davido has deliberately used the OBO ‘ST’ in selling his brand at every opportunity he has had. Reflecting back to when Davido came into limelight, you’d recall that he started out with OBO as his signature tune and has been very consistent in flaunting it. This has been very instrumental in increasing his fans and followers.

Onye-rima is just another signature tune that has spread across Africa. This ST was made popular by Flavour, who is the king of urban highlife music in Nigeria. Onye-rima is very punchy and is appealing to urban music lovers. Flavour, knows his onions and has kept his game on seemingly high radar by constantly making use of his tune.

If you hit the street of Lagos where music lovers are partying or in any music concert, the screaming or mentioning of Badoo will give you an idea that Olamide is around. Olamide has played his own card by leveraging on his Baddo signature tune over the years. This has helped in consciously building the Olamide brand to an international level. He’s known as a ‘Badoo’ rapper and has not failed in churning out hits upon hits to seal his Badoo title.

The black diamond Boss, Wande Coal, who has been dropping club banging hits since he started his record label, came up with the ‘Iskaba-Ahuda’ signature tune to make his fans to identify religiously with him. Iskaba has become more popular since the singer used it and this concept has worked for him. In all Wande’s Coal’s songs, you will always hear a resounding ‘Iskaba’ as the song begins, even on songs he is being featured on.

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