5 Lessons Single Ladies Could Pick From The Case Of Evans The Notorious Kidnapper

It is no longer news that the Nigerian police recently made a successful arrest of a notorious kidnapper, which could be termed as the ‘’Arrest of the year’’.  The issue which has been one of the trending stories lately practically kicked-off an uproar in the Nigerian social media community, making headlines in all the national Tabloids. The critics, public affairs analyst and many social media enthusiast had a fair share of inking their opinion regarding the case. For the news hunters in Nigeria, I mean the media fraternity; this is one scoop that has given them different angles in reporting the story and further investigating, researching and establishing of developing stories about the Kidnapper and his gang.

Evans’ Wife and Children Crying

On the flip side, there are lessons that young ladies could pick from the case of Evans, as the wife was reportedly seen on camera recently begging Nigerians to forgive the husband, saying ‘’She never knew the husband was a kidnapper’’.

The AGOG.NG team painstakingly pin-point 5 lessons single ladies could pick, to avoid marrying the type of husband like Evans in future.

  • Know His Source Of Income

In our society today, it is an indisputable fact that a high percentage of single ladies have the desire to marry a rich man and their choice of a life-time partner is always on the direction of someone who is well to do.  This is entirely not a bad decision though, but there are things you should take in consideration. In as much as your partner appears so innocently in looks, the very first thing you should do is to meticulously find out his source of income. Arrange for a date with him and ask this question before you say I do. Don’t make the mistake of basking in the euphoria of his wealth, and forgetting to know the source. Even the bible says, ‘’wisdom is profitable to direct’’, another portion says, ‘’in all things get wisdom’’. Get to know the root of his source of wealth. It is very important to make these findings as it will guide you in finally saying i do to your dream man.

Visit His Office/Business Firm

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that he is just a ‘business man’ and you go about exhibiting the ‘’I don’t care about his income attitude’’ as far as he is taking care of my financial needs. During courtship, pay him a visit to his place of work or business outlet. In the case of having a partner who is a business man, ensure that he is the owner of the business firm and get details of activities in his business firm. Get yourself abreast with information about his business dealings to avoid ‘stories that touches the heart’ and also to prevent you from a situation where you get into marriage with him and eventually discover that he is into some shady dealings.

Play The Role Of FBI

So, you’ve been dating this man for years now and if you are being asked ask to present a detailed information about him, you’d come up with stories that you don’t know virtually everything about him? Who does that?…How about that money he spent extravagantly at the club the last time you both hanged out? Have you asked where he got it from?…Point here is, try as much as possible to play the ‘FBI’ role, get deeper knowledge about the ‘A to Z’ things about your man before you would show up one day like Evans’ wife, telling the world that you knew nothing about his source of wealth.

Check Up His Social Media Activities

We are in the digital age where data and information about a person could be traced at the snap of finger. Do your checks thoroughly by getting to know some things on social media about your supposed ‘Bae’, before getting that ring. Get details of his activity log on all his social media pages. This doesn’t entail you go about stalking his life. Do this subtly without his knowledge to be sure about his real identity and personality.

Get To Know His Friends 

The adage that says, ‘’show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’ can fit here perfectly. It is pertinent to make an attempt in knowing all his close friends, a brief information about their job details and background. Do not make the mistake of turning a blind eye to the issue of knowing his close ‘pals’, as this will give you a clear understanding about the association and affiliation that your hubby-to-be is keeping.