5 important things MI’s “Yung DenzL album emphasizes

5 important things MI’s “Yung DenzL album emphasizes

“Besides these five key areas “Yung Denzl” emphasized, there are other major things the album sublimely addresse”.

A couple of days to the release of “Yung Denzl”, MI Abaga, had a tweet which he stated that the album is career suicide, indicating that the record is more of a risk taking project, than a usually expected direction which most Nigerian music albums usually route, considering the fact that Mr Incredible has had seven studio albums previously, before he launched “Yung Denzl”.

Yung Denzl” which was released on the 23rd  of August, is the second projects from “LAMB AUGUST” by Chocolate City former chairman MI- as the chief producer, deputising “Crown”, which had AQ and Loose Kenyon as the spearhead artistes for it, has received some of the best music love and ovation, any Nigeria music album has received this year.

The Long Play project is MI’s second album this year. It has 10-tracks, with new wave artistes considered as Alte’, making most of the guests on it.

The body of work has totally undone the direction of Rendezvous”, MI’s previous album, released February this year, which was more of the usual, with what can be described as a very personal album, filled with emotions so therapeutic, to solve the puzzles of self love, loyalty, self awareness, worth, confidence, evaluation, emancipation, mind freedom, and the breakdown of super structures.

The album took its time to address these problems explicitly in such a way that though MI is focusing on himself to creates the art, many people can align with their interests in it, because they can find a place that endears their emotions through interactions, discussions, corrections, inspirations and encouragements.

These are the many reasons for the warm embrace to the very unusual project MI has blessed the World with.

Below are the 5 key things that MI emphasized with the album “Yung Denzl”:

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1. Self Evaluation:He did this in track-1 which is; “Do You Know Who You Are, Take Some Time and Meditate On You”. here on this track, MI interrogated a couple of questions like; “Do you know who you are” Which means; you have to dig deeper to yourself, to make an  assessment of who you are. A way to evaluate yourself.

Listening carefully to the lyrics of the song; will avail you the veracity that MI is panting deep, calling for a self recognition, to solve vulnerabilities, weaknesses, mental slavery, with self muttering and meditations to give solutions to many unanswered questions.

2. Self Believe: MI addresses self believe at track-2; “Last Night I Had A Dream About A Hummingbird”. Just before MI begins rapping metaphorically on this song, a voice is heard addressing the concept of self believe, making reference to validation such as; comparison, expectations, and prove.

These, are the main elements of self believe which in return will lead to one having confidence in his or her abilities. He also addresses self believe in track-9 “The Self Evaluation of Yung Denzl”. Although he did this in braggadocio manner, he made an expose to what he has achieved as a rapper to show he had believe to achieve, pushing a narrative that anyone can also believe and achieve.

3. Loyalty:Loyalty is next at track-4; “Another thing! Do Not Be A Groupie”. MI takes his time on the rap verses to explain loyalty. He made major emphasis on how Chocolate City made him, and he has decided to stick to the label even if he has to do a day shift, and other shift jobs till he makes it while sticking to his family with loyalty. How much more do you want loyalty to be dilate?

4. Self worth and love: With “Stop Never Second Guess Yourself” and “You Are Like a Melody, My Heart Skips a Beat”. Both songs are very close in similarities, but in disparity to the messages they both pass. One calls for self worth which builds and relay confidence, the other pushes the self love button strongly.

5. Depression: Depression is point-blank addressed in track-9 “The Self Evaluation of Yung Denzl”. Here, MI uses himself as a reference, that he has been battling with depression, suggesting ways of going to a quiet place to chill, drink and fuck, having a good time just to run away from it.

In conclusion; Besides these five key areas “Yung Denzl” emphasized, there are other major things the album sublimely addressed, and emphasized.

These are; The issues bothering Africa as a continent,

Issues of black race, racism, slavery, body shaming, building the economy, lack of party ideologies in Nigerian politics, how to treat a woman, validating, identity crisis, and several other things that will take an open mind who can decipher swiftly to detects them.

Listen to “Yung Denzl” below:

Listen: Yung Denzl

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