5 ‘’Awkward’’ Questions To Ask On The First Date

5 ‘’Awkward’’ Questions To Ask On The First Date

You have recently been going bananas for your new found love and you probably having this somewhat butterfly feelings towards the person. It’s becoming uncontrollable and from all indication, you both will make headway to finally getting to have your first date. Lo and behold, you both turned up at that venue that seems inspiring, creating that ambience of romance and making you feel relaxed. Here you are, facing your new found love, everything appears so beautiful. You could feel the adrenaline rushing through your system. It feels like heaven.  Hey, hollop. Just before you let that lips touch each other and before you get deep in that romance, here are few questions you could ask him/her. This may sound awkward to the person’s ear, but it will establish a striking fact that you know what you want. These questions will safe you both from some trouble, health-wise, spiritual life and otherwise.

  1. When Was The Last Time You Got Tested?

Oh no, this could be the most awkward question you could ever ask your lover on a first date. In as much as the idea of asking him /her about health status and may get the person off-balance, it is advisable to pop this question. For one, it gives them head’s-up that you are very conscious about health issues and this is important to you. It is actually legit to ask this question as this will establish the fact that you want to get serious with the relationship.

  1. What Do You Want From Me?

The idea of asking your lover what he/she really wants from you is also very important. It’s sort of gives room for a healthy conversation regarding how you both will define the relationship.  Being confident enough to ask your lover such question will fine-tune the person’s mentality about you, that you are not here for a ‘’hit-and-run’’ game.

  1. I’m I Different From Your Ex?

Attitude they say is everything. The way you talk and how people perceive your personality is very important. Just go ahead, ask if you are different from his last ‘date’. It will help you discover what the person think about you and his perception about you.

  1. When Last Did You Have Sex?

‘Ahhhh’, this could be a rather absurd question to ask. If you notice the rapports you are having with the person is already personal and involving sex, there is absolutely nothing wrong in asking about the last time he/she had sex. It doesn’t translate that you are all out for sex. This could be a way to find out if the person has never done such before.

5. Are You Born Again?

 This may get your partner somewhat uncomfortable with you but it will surely be wise to navigate the conversation to this angle. Even though it appears to him/her that you are such a ‘holier than thou’ person. You should consider asking this because you both need to involve God in your relationship.