4 lies your partner must have told you

4 lies your partner must have told you

Remember the goose-bumps you felt the very moment your partner said he was going to buy the whole world for you; climb that mountains for you and take you on a journey spree to space?. Those were suspicious striking statement, Abi?. Recalled? Yah or nah?

Having been deeply overwhelmed and caught up in the obsession of claiming to love you, he/she will utter those words, those romantic metaphors that will get you head over heels. On hearing that, you must have melted to his/her arms. Gbam!

It is a beautiful thing to fall in love, but, one sad truth is that there is also a thin line between love and infatuation. As a young person, when you experience that outburst of love towards a particular person you think you love so much, It is important you define that relationship and have a clear understanding of your partner, in order to avoid being lied to or to avoid being used and dumped.

below are instances you can easily relate to where your partner lied…

  1. I Can’t Do Without You

Oh, spare me that crap. What in the world would ever cajole you into believing that you can’t exist without a fellow human being like you? Your level of ignorance about relationship issues assumed a new level―the very moment you believed that you can’t do without your partner. This is like saying that you can’t exist anymore without such person. It’s senseless and very sad that many young people are still under the chains of obsession and infatuation thinking its love. You can actually do without that abusive relationship and this is just the truth.

  1. I Will Kill Myself If You Leave Me

This must have been the most expensive fat lie which your partner told you and you were too quick to believe. How could you have believed that he/she might commit murder if you call off the relationship you think is not heading close to what you envisaged it to be. Sometimes, when dating a partner that is full of insecurity, chances are that they will always make this kind of statement.

  1. I’ll Never Hurt You

This one is just another scenario that you actually were a fool. Yes, a fool in love. Reiterating commitment that he/she will not hurt you anymore must have been a lie. We are all humans and the possibility to step into each other’s toes is inevitable.

  1. I Can’t Breathe Without You

‘I can’t breathe without you’ may pass a metaphor that is used by lovers to express how deep there are in love or what they feel for each other. But, in reality, you’d realize that that your ex-lover that kept saying he/she can’t breathe without is still breathing till today. When next the phrase ‘I can’t breathe without you’ pops, be sure to find out whether the person is still breathing if you eventually break up.