Trendy social Media Slangs In First Half Of The Year-2017

Trendy social Media Slangs In First Half Of The Year-2017

We just ended the first half of the year and it’s been amazing so far. The commencement of the month of July heralded a new beginning that will take us to the end of this year. In retrospect, there are lots of activities, happenings, celebrity gist and news headlines which have put smiles, laughter to the faces of people.

On social media, there are new trendy slangs which have been the most talked about topics, influencing conversations between social media users across board.

Aside the common trendy social media slangs we are conversant with, there are other ones that emerged this year which appears to be used in discussions, chats and dialogues amongst social media users

These slangs seemingly found its way into our social media conversations making it our daily vocabulary words.

Based on logistics

The mention of based on logistics will remind you of the 2017 winner of the Big Brother Nigeria, Efe Ejemba. Efe, happens to be the person who popularized the phrase when he was in Big Brother house. Despite the fact that it is beginning to fade off, ‘Based on logistics’ has been one of the most popular social media slang to emerge in the first half of this year.


Nigerians have a way of creating new slangs and making it trend. Wawu is just another social media slang that has been used by lots of social media enthusiast recently. Wawu is more or less like an exclamation. It’s a Nigerian way of saying ‘WOW’, to really fascinating things.


The slang is allegedly centered on Ay, his wife and heavily pregnant socialite, Freda Francis. The month of June kick-started with Ponyor as one of the most talked about thing on Nigerian social media sphere. A screen shot of chat between AY and Freda was leaked and ‘Ponyor’ was the most interesting part of the chat that made persons to raise an eye-brow about its meaning. The gist went viral and became talked of the moment. It later found its way in conversations on social media. ‘’I wan slack your ponyor’’ has since been jokingly used by lots of persons to woo their female admirers online.



You seem to be a popular social media influencer? or a popular face with stylish dress, style and swagg? Then you must be on a wavy level. Wavy means a well-dressed or very nice person in appearance or looks. It has been one of the social media slang to come out of Nigeria in first half of this year.

Olamide has a song titled ‘wavy level’, and has been the frontline person using the ‘wavy level’ slang on hashtags.