3 Things You Never Knew About Bridal Bouquets In Weddings

3 Things You Never Knew About Bridal Bouquets In Weddings

In every wedding ceremony you might have attended years back or most recently, the culture of having the bride toss up the Bouquet, whilst the wedding gig is going on is one focal point and side attraction during the occasion that guest usually look forward to.

Bouquet is one of the wedding accessories that adds colour to the outfit of the bride.  The idea of having a bride carry the bouquet has become a custom which has been in existence for so long.

A collection of flowers in a creative arrangement defines a bouquet used by brides.

Ever imagined attending a wedding ceremony and there was no part where the bride of the day tossed the bouquet?

The culture of having the bride toss the bouquet has become a tradition that has been invoked for hundreds years till date.


The tossing of the bridal bouquet is a custom rooted in England and is believed to be a way for the bride to pass along her good fortune to others when trying to toss the flower in the air. A quick look back at the history of bouquet reveals the usage of it in wedding event dates back to the 17th century.

The Belief

Bouquet has been more or less like a side attraction during weddings and the superstitious belief about it is what appears to be untrue. Many are of the opinion that whoever catches the bouquet when tossed in the air by the bride will be the next in line to get married. This custom has been a pass down generational mentality that sounds true but when you go deeper to the reality of it, you’d realize that it is never a theory to be considered true.

To Banish Evil spirits

Research has it that there is a belief that bouquet banishes evil spirit. How true? Lots of written reviews on the internet, has it that bouquet actually wards off evil spirit and this statement sounds baseless. Many people who get married seem not so concern about the historical aspects of carrying the bouquet. But, history has it that the bouquets were odoriferous, with strong-smelling floral.