3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up An Internship Program

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up An Internship Program

For one who may like to know, an internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed, limited period of time. Interns are usually undergraduates or students. Opportunity they say comes but ones. It will be wise for you to take up every opportunity that present itself. Especially, as an undergraduate or a graduate that just left school in search of a white collar job or anyone trying to find his/her foot in the job market or business, it is wise to take up internship opportunities. Whether or not you feel you have all it takes to launch out on your own, the best thing to do is getting registered in a platform or a firm as an intern. If the platform or organization is one that offers skill-sets that are in line with your job focus or business, it will be an edge to you and will help you discover new things and give you a direction to thrive.

On this piece, we’d like to share with you three of the diverse benefits why you should take up an Internship program before hitting the street to hunt for jobs or kick-starting your Entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Skill

There are so many soft-skill sets that you can learn as you enrol yourself as an intern in any organization or firm. Our society today needs people that are well equipped with skills or practical technical know-how ways in solving problems. As the world becomes technologically advanced, it is important the millennial individuals are conversant with soft skills in the ICT world such as; Microsoft word, Excel, Corel Draw, photoshop, Oracle Database program and other Tech-inclined skills. In our research on making findings on what is obtainable in the job-market, we discovered that the job environment demands that everyone should be armed with knowledge in public relations, customer relations and other communications related skills. Truth is that, no matter how skilled you think you are; there is always something new to learn as an intern. There is always an additional skill you can learn to improve upon yourself and add value to the business you intend starting. An internship program gives you the platform to learn and acquire more skills you can add up to your reservoir of skill-sets under your belt.

  1. Experience

Experience they say is the best teacher and one who has vast experience in his field of specialization will always be a step ahead than a low-skilled person. Getting Education is a basic thing for every individual, but, having a practical experience in your field will distinguish set you apart. In your quest of gaining experience, identify a platform or a firm that renders services in line with your passion. The experiences you gain from your internship program will always help you in future when challenges arise.

  1. Network

You must have heard the adage that says that ‘‘your network equates your net-worth’. This equally entails that your level of knowledge in a particular field of endeavour speaks volumes about your affiliations and network of friends. Finding yourself in a co-working space where people with your same kind of skilled-worth and leadership qualities are, will always place you on a high par in life, because you’d get to learn, unlearn and share knowledge together. As you undertake an internship program, you’d meet lots of persons whose assistance you may require on your entrepreneurial journey. Cease the opportunity to build good relationships. Identify with people whose expertise will be of beneficial to you and create a good rapport with them.

Lastly, before you make that attempt to reject an internship program, think of the golden opportunity, the exposure and skill you will get. Most internship firms do not pay, but, take some seconds to reflect on the experience you may gain within 6-months or more and how it would personally increase your knowledge base and work experience.